Dr Clayton J Hawkins


PhD, MBA, AdDipMgt, GradCertRes, GCertAEMgt, FIPM


Institute for Regional Devt


C/- Cradle Coast campus

University of Tasmania

16-20 Mooreville Road




+61 3 6430 4982 (office)

+61 4 0836 7289 (mobile)



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Introducing Leisure Spaces

Leisure Spaces is a personal e-platform for the research into the planning, utilisation and management of leisure spaces and places by Dr Clayton J Hawkins from the Institute for Regional Development (University of Tasmania). Key areas of of research interest are events (especially festivals), tourism, leisure planning, local government, social networking and place management. He also has a research interest in the application of lean theory to beyond manufacturing industries.

Clayton is the Deputy Director (Cradle Coast) of the Tourism Research and Education Network (TRENd) at the University of Tasmania, a Board Member of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies and a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management.


Key Publications:

Hawkins, C.J. and Bonney, M. (2015), "Lean Thinking and Principles for the Events Industry: Working Paper Version One", Tourism Research and Education Network: Working Paper Series [under review]

Hawkins, C.J. (2014), "Informal Leisure as a Source of Social Capital Formation: A Festival Case Study", PhD Thesis.

Hawkins, C.J. and Ryan, L-A. (2013), "Festival Spaces as Third Places", Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol.6, Iss.3, pp. 192-202.

Hawkins, C.J. (2009), “Facing Up to Facebook: Does a Failure to Embrace Online Social Media Mean Local Government is Being Left Behind in the Communication Race?”, Local Government Manager, Vol. 43, Iss. 3, pp. 26-27.

Hawkins, C.J. (nd.), "The Making of a Festival Friend" [journal article forthcoming]

Hawkins, C.J. (nd.), "Social Leisure Places: Constructing a Platform for Contemporary Leisure Planning" [journal article forthcoming]

Hawkins, C.J. and Hawkins, C. (nd), "Book Review: Knowledge Partnering for Community Development" [book review forthcoming]

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