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Introducing Leisure Spaces

Leisure Spaces is an e-platform for the PhD research of Dr Clayton J Hawkins at the Institute for Regional Development (UTAS) into informal leisure settings and the social impacts and place characteristics that arise within them. This project utilises the Falls Music and Arts Festival as a qualitative and quantitative case study of social networking in an informal leisure space through investigations within the camping grounds in 2010 and within the Main Arena in 2011 .


PhD conferred on 9 December 2014. Special thank yous go to Professor Janelle Allison and Professor David Adams as supervisors, Associate Professor Robyn Eversole for her ongoing support and to the Falls Music and Arts Festival for allowing access to their event and attendees.



Hawkins, C.J. (2014), "Informal Leisure as a Source of Social Capital Formation: A Festival Case Study", PhD Thesis.

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Hawkins, C.J. (2009), “Facing Up to Facebook: Does a Failure to Embrace Online Social Media Mean Local Government is Being Left Behind in the Communication Race?”, Local Government Manager, Vol. 43, Iss. 3, pp. 26-27.

Hawkins, C.J. (nd.), "The Making of a Festival Friend" [journal article forthcoming]

Hawkins, C.J. (nd.), "Social Leisure Places: Constructing a Platform for Contemporary Leisure Planning" [journal article forthcoming]

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